Quarantine Days

The COVID-19 pandemic caused us to sequester ourselves in our homes. The concerts and operas we intended to attend were cancelled, and just about everything else came to a halt. Social distancing kept us in our homes. The options for aesthetic activity were constrained and limited. Yes, there was television (too much of it) and music and books, but more and more I found myself gazing into my plate. And within that constraint of observing what was left, but also directly under my nose, I was able to find some aesthetic expression. Perhaps at first it was simply all there was, but when closely observed it became a world unto itself.

So I focused on my meals, or at least what remained on my plate after them.

At first this was an almost daily activity - primarily because there was little else to do. But as we eased out of forced enclosure there was more to do, and our horizons broadened. It became clear that this project could come to an end.

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