May, 2004:
going way, way back

It's pretty much in the nature of saving things that much of what gets saved is also forgotten. Of course at first it's only misplaced, or neglected, or simply stashed away somewhere in order to make room for more things which we want to save - or more to the point, don't yet want to throw away.

Because of this it's bound to happen that sometimes we find things which we had no idea that we'd saved, or why we may have saved them, or even how it is that we did. And we usually find these items when we're looking for something else, which is, of course, what happened to me.

Somewhere, within piles of other materials that probably also contain items I never expect to find, nor even remember that I've saved, I found a large plastic bag of items that date back from well before my move to Israel 32 years ago. Some of the items in that bag are definitely the sort of thing which I'd save - for no particular reason other than the fact that I wouldn't want to throw them out. But for the most part what I find strangest about this grab bag of items is that most of them aren't items that I'd feel any urge to save. In addition, it's hard for me to imagine that I would have shipped these from the States to Israel when I moved - it makes more sense that somewhere along the line these were mailed to me, though I can't figure out why someone might have done that either.

Interestingly, most of the items in the bag date back to childhood - the latest among them seems to date from the 9th grade. I would have forgotten about them well before I left the States - and I probably did. But instead of casting them out, it appears that I cast them into a drawer, and one way or another, they found their way back to me. Why, upon receiving them (assuming that I didn't bring them with me) I didn't throw them out is a rather simple, though ultimately tautological, question to answer: If they've been saved for so long, there must have been a reason.

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