June, 2004:
a family tradition

I was honestly quite excited when I recently rediscovered the retainer that I wore for a few years as a teenager. But I think that finding the improvised box that it was kept in all these years was at least as exciting. The retainer was housed in a Miracle Whip mayonnaise jar lid, covered with a slightly larger clear plastic lid, probably from something like a reusable peanut tin.

There must be people somewhere in the world who throw these jar lids away, but I'm not sure that I know any of them, or would like to know them. My family has been collecting them for as long as I can remember - a collection that continued to grow well beyond any logical proportions for even slightly predictable use.

And there seems to be no end in sight. Though perhaps the collection that we've started in our own home doesn't yet rival my mother's (and even has a somewhat excusable reason for being maintained) our home today continues to accumulate these lids - as any self-respecting home probably must.

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