July, 2004:
hey, I know that rag!

I recently worked my monthly community service in our community - a Shabbat afternoon in the dining room. Those approximately four hours consist of arranging the dining room from the previous evening, putting out the food for the meal, serving what isn't self-service, and cleaning up afterwards. It's not very exhausting work, and a couple of our kids are at the age where they're happy to help out. I can't complain.

It was while doing this work that I went into the kitchen to get a couple of rags. And one of those rags rang a very clear bell - I knew well the cloth (actually, a towel) it was cut from. It was probably only a couple of years ago that I parted with it, and then someone else, unaware of (or oblivious to) its historic significance, tore it up into smaller rags and gave it to the kitchen.

And though my renewed meeting with this towel wasn't exactly a coincidence, it still provided me with an opportunity to recall how it had become mine, and to reflect on my small corner of history.

And of course history can also be found on our shelves and in our cupboards.

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