September, 2003:
voices from the past

Keeping abreast of the objects that accumulate in my daily life is, in itself, a rather daunting task. Dealing with objects from my childhood that sneak up on me and try to bring back memories would seem to be beyond my limited capabilities. Thus it was with mixed feelings of both pleasure and consternation that during my family visit to North America this summer I was presented with a number of objects from long ago - objects which I was delighted to receive, and would have been just as happy to have done without.

Actually, as I gaze around my desk, and then around other parts of our home, I notice that almost all of my accumulating is considerably post-childhood. And that's more than enough baggage by itself. Not being loaded down with childhood objects may have to do with having moved far away from where I grew up, but I wouldn't be surprised if other people who save things (or at least don't throw them out) only save items that they've come into contact with as grown adults.

And considering the limited amount of space available to me to continue to posess objects, it shouldn't come as a surprise that when I get the opportunity to save items from my childhood, I find myself hesitating, and questioning whether there's any reason to do so.

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