October, 2003:
still summer

It's been almost half a year since we returned from our trip to North America. Photographs snapped during that trip are still waiting to be put inside albums (or worse, digital photographs are still sitting on a CD instead of being made accessible by printing). Slips of paper with notes taken during our trip - phone numbers, T-shirt slogans, snippets of ideas - clutter much of my desk. I'm not trying to hold on to memories of the summer, but they don't seem to want to fade very quickly either.

I have, of course, many more than three mementos from the summer. There's little point in displaying all of them, considering that even three hardly hold much interest for anyone beyond myself. These three, however, though not necessarily representative of what I accumulated during our trip, are representative of the wide range of reminders of the summer left around the house and on my person.

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