Letters from the Gaza War - 2008-2009

  January 5, 2009 - day 10  
Hi all,

All dressed up with nowhere to go. was just on my way to fill gas and drive into Ashdod to teach for the first time since all this started when we had an Alarm siren and 4 booms. Rocky is still shaking and I called into the Kindergarten office and said I was afraid to come in. Just now they have said on t.v. one rocket fell sort of north of where I need to drive. Where did the other 3 fall? I had just spoken to Jay who said that at 10:00 there would be siren checks at his college and on t.v. there were other places listed as having 10:00 checks so at first thought I was just paranoid but the booms were very really and quite close. I really admire all the people in Sderot who for 8 years have been living like this, especially when the Hamas's favourite rocket launching time is 7-9 in the morning when everyone is outside going to work or to school. I believe that one of the last victims before the old ceasefire was a 4 year old directly hit outside the gate of his nursery school. I imagine you all know how hard it is to get a teenager up in the morning. Think of them having to face alarms and rockets on top of that. not much incentive to get out of bed! Yesterday the house which had a direct hit in Ashdod also had the father (Israeli soldier) of the family injured in Gaza so his wife is now sitting, homeless by her husband's hospital bed. Of course the Palestinians will have hundreds of such stories to tell but seeing as their only demand is to wipe us off the earth. Something we can't permit, we have no idea why they are wasting so much aid money and not building themselves a better place to live. I hope today continues quietly as after 2 relatively quiet days they were talking about slowly starting schools up again. Oh, our fridge came yesterday. It is 50% bigger and at the moment still has 1 1/2 empty shelves. Now that I have room to store food you are all invited to visit. Not all at once. Jay just called again. One of the three rockets landed south of his college and one in the town at the end of our road (not sure how far into their area) so still one unaccounted for. Very little exact info is available on t.v. (military censure) so everything gets known by hearsay. Often the same rocket will fall in 3 different places depending on the person describing the spot.

Bye Tzippi
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