Letters from the Gaza War - 2008-2009

  Jan. 6, 2009 – day 11  
Hi all,

8:45 and we have already had an alert siren and a missile boom. According to the t.v. it landed just north of here on a building with one 3 month old baby slightly injured. I hope today will not be a repeat of yesterday when in all we had 3 alert sirens in the space of 2 hours. 8 booms in all, most of them in our direct area although none on the kibbutz. I can say pretty definitely that if I were a Palestinian living in Gaza I would probably have died of a heart attack from fright by now with the type of fighting going on around them. Just the grad missile booms here are scary enough. The school age kids are going slightly north today to the children’s museum in Holon. I can’t say I am thrilled with them being on the roads but at least they should have some quiet. I have been home alone all week and wanted to join them today but the tickets were already bought so no room for me. Eitan is once again working in the fields today. We had our first real war casualties overnight and as is often the case they were from friendly fire. So far no one from here injured. After starting kindergartens in bomb shelters yesterday in Ashdod and thinking of going back to school tomorrow there was a direct hit on an empty kindergarten so I am not sure what the situation is. In any case I was not called to come teach today. Yesterday the minister of education did NOT show up so no great loss that I didn’t go teach. We are having a beautiful sunny day (rain tomorrow) and Hela’s birthday lemon tree has its first 4 lemons! Tomorrow is Jay’s birthday and we usually make him a “surprise” brunch on Shabbat. So perhaps this will all be over by then.

Bye Tzippi

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