Letters from the Gaza War - 2008-2009

  Jan. 7, 2009 day 12  
Hi all,

I had decided to give you all a break and not write anything today. We got up really early today as we had decided that we would take advantage of the fact that Jay teaches in Tel Aviv Wednesdays and go away. Hela and I and a neighbour who studies close to where Jay teaches left the kibbutz at 7:15. Hela and I had decided we would go to the safari in Ramat Gan. We were warmly welcomed by Jay’s co workers etc. and then left him to teach. As soon as we got into the car we got an SMS that a rocket had fallen in the persimmon grove. That’s about 100m from our house and there are houses closer-including the neighbour who we had brought to T.A. who went straight home. SO much for a quiet day. Logic would say that we should have thought ”lucky we weren’t home-perhaps we should stay here longer” but in fact all we wanted was to come straight back and make sure that everything and everyone was o.k. The siren caught Nadav in bed-he hadn’t gotten up to his alarm to work. He said he thought the rocket had come right through the window it was that loud. Eitan had been working in the fields –on the other side of the kibbutz and said they saw the smoke from the explosion. 3 Thai workers were taken to hospital to be treated for shock. Several more missiles fell around here but none on the kibbutz. The safari was bursting at the seams with people from the south taking advantage of the beautiful day and getting out despite the fear of being caught by a siren in transit. We also had a big discount on entry and food as part of the “war effort”. A weird article on the radio today-the Sudanese refugees that Israel has given refuge to have signed a petition to let them be drafted so that they can contribute and help Israel in the war effort…this country does weird things to people!!!! Also it seems that perhaps the Hamas is even worse than we think as none of the Arab countries have really said anything against all that we are doing. As if they are glad we are doing their dirty work for them and can take all the blame…after all Israel is always the bad guy so once more won’t make a difference. In any case it seems to me a tragedy that in the 21st century when we can send people into space and almost cure cancer we can’t find a better way to solve conflict but to prove who’s stronger and see who flinches first…too much testosterone in this part of the world.

Bye Tzippi
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