Letters from the Gaza War - 2008-2009

  Dec 31, 2008 - day 5 and counting  
Hi all,

Just got a phone call from Eitan that they are on the way home from school. He thought it very funny to add that a rocket had fallen on their classroom- -got to run there was just a boom and then alert siren (that's in the wrong order)- -back again-he was just joking but it's not very funny. For some reason the regional high school which is "out of range" from the rockets decided to continue school despite the fact that all the other area schools are closed and most of the kids are school bussed through areas where it is recommended not to travel and not to have groups of people together-to minimize potential damage. Well, a rocket fell on the main road not far from their "out of range" school and so now I won't be the only crazy mother who thought they should stay home as they will have no choice. All through the last ceasefire Israel claimed the Hamas was breaking it by bringing in bigger missiles and that the Egyptian border patrol was turning a blind eye. Now they are taking advantage of the rainy weather when our airforce has a harder time to detect missile launchers to launch as many of the longer distant rockets as they can. They obviously were planning to use these rockets when they decided not to renew the ceasefire last week. Hopefully there will be a new ceasefire soon as they are certainly suffering and life here is certainly not normal. Hatzor is sort of in the middle of the northern edge of missile landings and so we hear the booms from all sides and can't ever tell how close they really were. Because we are beside the airforce base and they don't want the Hamas to know how close or far they were the exact locations are not given and so we have to rely on people we know who saw or were close by to figure out what is going on! We hear booms from as far as Ashdod (west) Yavne (north) and Kiryat Malachi (south) each are about 13km. on either side. Beersheva was attacked for the first time ever last night and today a missile landed in a classroom-luckily school was cancelled. So things are certainly not quiet as we get an extended Hannuka break. Hope for peace and good health on the new year.

Bye Tzippi
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