Letters from the Gaza War - 2008-2009

  January 4, 2009 - day 9  
Hi all,

Yesterday after 2 “quiet” days we had an Alert siren late morning and sat in our safe space and heard several booms. We still aren’t sure where they landed but close enough to be in our daily living space-on routes to work, between us and our cousins on Moshav Emunim (8km.across the fields) etc. Hela’s two neighbourhood girlfriends were here and it is a bit scary to be responsible for other kids too if something happens. They have been going from house to house-all 3 are here in our immediate neighbourhood. The day before another mom and I took the 3 girls North shopping to get away. It was so packed that we couldn’t park and it was all people going North to get out of their homes for a while. At least we have this option-in Gaza they have nowhere to go.  Most of what falls now in our area are missiles that were intended for Ashdod but missed. Ashdod had another direct hit on an apartment building-just opposite a huge outdoor strip mall and other towns yesterday had direct hits on homes and on a city bus. No one has been hurt yet in all this. Last night land forces went in to Gaza and I think that is going too far even for the average Israeli as the destruction will be more random as tanks are heavy and just driving them through city streets causes a lot of damage. So far since last night 20 Israeli soldiers have been injured. Eitan and Nadav are taking advantage of the days off to get work hours although I can’t say I am very pleased with Eitan being outside in the fields with nowhere to go if there is a siren…at 17 he is indestructible and got angry at the mere suggestion that perhaps that wasn’t the safest place to be. Hela continues to sleep downstairs on the sofa to be near us and near our safe space. Their afterschool programme will run mornings now in a bomb shelter so they won’t have to run around and will be protected if a missile falls nearby. It is hard to work under these circumstances and be responsible for a large group of kids as well but this is a partial solution to let parents work at least a half day… I am off work as no school in Ashdod. I guess this is the last day off for all the New Years festivities and such so rest up and go back to work refreshed tomorrow!

BYE Tzippi
    to safe room