Letters from the Gaza War - 2008-2009

  December 28, 2008 - missiles  
Hi all,

Until now Kibbutz Hatzor has always felt like they were on a secluded island…we were too far north or south or west to be hit by missiles but today almost proved otherwise. All through the 6 month ceasefire Israel claimed that the Hamas was breaking the agreement by smuggling arms into Gaza. The Hamas was threatening to hit Ashdod. Today we had our first Red Alert siren and one missile fell-direct hit- on a house NORTH of us (that’s about 30km. further than any past rocket which landed in Ashkelon) and one fell about 100m from where my car stalled on the road 2 weeks ago. We heard both booms. Hela was at her clubhouse as there is no school-Hannuka break-and she was pretty hysterical and called for me to come get her. She stayed with me at home for a bit and at lunch went back to be with her friends. We are far enough from Gaza that we have 45 seconds to get into our “best protected space” (people living closer only have 10sec.) when hearing the Red Alert but any rocket that can go this far is a much heavier bigger weapon and can do more damage. SO for ours and the Palestinians well-being I hope this skirmish is over quickly.

Bye Tzippi
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