Mad about the MUD

Unfortunately (?), we are not cows, but we're searching for MOOre information about MOOs, MUDs, MUs, MUSHs and grass.

Or in other words, what does a heterogeneous group of Israeli grad students want from text based virtual reality?

Let's admit it: Education is in a sorry enough state today without our help, but just maybe we can even make it worse. Put another way, can MUDs and MOOs be used to help children understand their world?
Can MUDding be more than just a recreational undergraduate activity?
Can it create realities that chidren can actively explore and through exploring learn?
We're looking for answers to questions like these.

Let's say you've invented an object.
It's probably relatively useless, if not TOTALLY useless, but it's yours.
That probably means that you've devoted thought and effort into creating it
and that, in our lexicon, leads to a ... LEARNING EXPERIENCE!!

MUD's, MOO's, MUSE's? Are these spelling mistakes or is somebody trying to tell you something you don't know anything about?

If all of these names are foreign to you, perhaps you should try a critical overview of the subject which we've graciously prepared for you if you'll be so kind as to click....

and if all of this seems to be cut and pasted together without the hand of an experienced editor, maybe you should read a short note on the well known problem of writing by committee

Let us introduce ourselves:


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