wars warrant writing  
To my dismay, that seems to be true - or at least true for me. I wrote a number of letters to my brother and sister during the 2021 Gaza war (I won't deal with issues like whether this was a war, or an "operation" - a decidedly bland term that seems to almost purposefully obfuscate). A number of people with whom I communicated expressed an interest in reading my thoughts, and I responded that I'll include them in future letters. I really can't complain that there weren't many additional letters - especially since that means that less people are being bombed and killed - but that raised the question of what to send to those people.

For many years my default answer to that question has been some web pages. One of the benefits of having one's own domain is that it serves as a storage space. (Considering that for years I wrote to The Boidem so that's far from a new concept for me.) Instead of sending letters to whoever requests, I can simply direct them to these web pages and permit them to read whatever they choose. And so, these pages. Except.

Except that if I'm already posting here my letters from this latest war, why not organize my writing from others as well. A bit of this is already in these pages, and it's not difficult to add more (though finding some of that "more" has proven to be not quite as simple as I'd hope), and then there's the issue of linking all of this in a clear and logical manner. Which is what this page attempts to do.

At present (almost) everything linked to from here is in English, but I hope to add at least an explanatory paragraph in Hebrew soon. In addition, at present, though I've tried to maintain some logic in their organization, there's no real internal consistency to how these materials appear here. To a large extent that's unavoidable - the letters were written at different times and reflect different experiences. Some letters had to be filtered out from a large quantity of correspondence that was less "letter writing" than a series of responses to various links with short reflections added on. I may discover that an introductory page for each war is called for. On the other hand, for me, once all this has been posted, its main function will be the aforementioned storage, so I'm not sure I'll have much reason to continue editing.

Gulf War Diary - 1991

Gaza war - 2008-2009
Gaza and rockets - 2014
Gaza and rockets - 2021

Eitan (and a bit of Nadav) army service - 2010 - 2013

Lebanon Diaries - 1982 / 1983 / 1984-5

Occupied territories Diaries - 1990 / 1991 / 1994
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