Letters from the Gaza War - 2008-2009

  December 25, 2008 - panic over (excerpt)  
Here after 6 months of “quiet” with the Hamas in Gazza (only 200 rockets fell a month instead of 500) the agreement has ended. Yesterday alone 80 rockets fell on the Israeli south getting all the way to Ashkelon. Hamas claim that they used the 6 months of quiet to smuggle bigger and better missiles to Gazza and can now reach Ashdod. All the warning sirens have been checked in our area in case we need them and we all got pamphlets “how to keep your family safe in case of missile attack” delivered in our mail. Not a very encouraging thought. On the one hand Israeli army officers (past and present) can’t land in several European airports (Heathrow!) as they are arrested for war crimes and crimes against humanity (for killing Palestinians) and on the other the U.S. state department has put out an official warning that it is dangerous to travel in Israel near Gazza and that the same armoured vehicules as are used in Iraq and Afghanistan are required. If the people living in that area are in such danger than whatever we do is self-defense? As Eitan said yesterday: the Hamas rockets make Israeli life miserable but almost no one has been killed (12 people in 7 years) so why don’t they use all the money they are wasting on rockets, on food and shelter and make themselves a better life? A good life wouldn’t make good press! It looks much better to show Israel(after we gave back every last inch of Gazza) as the oppressor…starving and killing the poor Palestinians.
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