serving in Lebanon  

I spent approximately three and a half months in Lebanon in three separate miluim call ups of our combat infantry unit. The first was at the beginning of the war - June 1982 - when after about five days in the Golan Heights we entered Lebanon and were stationed in Damur on the coastal plain, a bit south of Beirut. The next summer - July 1983 - we were there again, this time in the east, facing Syria. And then in the winter of 1984-85 were were again on the coast, just north of the Litani River.

On each of these tours of duty I kept a large pad of paper with me on which I kept a journal - in English. After being released I typed those pages out into my typewriter (yes, I had one of those). Only in 2020 did I get around to scanning those densely packed pages. Those journals are here, along with a website of an exhibit I organized after our last tour of duty made up of artifacts I collected during my stay.

    Lebanon Diary - 1982
Lebanon Diary - 1983
Lebanon Diary - 1984-85
      an additional, short, concluding letter
      my father's response to the diary
Lebanon visits - an explanatory map
Lebanon Exhibit - One Month, Winter 1985
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