serving in the Occupied territories  

In the 1990s I served in the occupied territories three times. The first time, in 1990, I had intended to refuse and go to jail, but, as explained in that journal, things worked out differently. Each of these tours of duty were, as I guess should be expected, an "experience". I wasn't shocked by what transpired during those periods of reserve duty. I wasn't expecting to be with soldiers who wanted blood and gore. I pretty much got what I expected - a distressing banality. I didn't think I could have a moderating effect on my compatriots, and I'm quite sure that I didn't. On the other hand, though I'd seriously intended to be in jail, the opportunity to see things with my own eyes was an important experience.

As with my Lebanon diaries, my pad of paper was always in my pocket, ready to take notes and write. It took me more than a year after finding my Lebanon journals to find two of those three from the territories, but once having found them it was clear that I'd also post them.

    Territories Diary - 1990
Territories Diary - 1991
        the letter to my gdud commander - in Hebrew
Territories Diary - 1994
wars warrant writing