Why talk to the world in an ancient language?

There's definitely something anachronistic in using a universal medium, yet writing in a language that only very few can read.

On the other hand, most of the people who have reason to read these pages will do so in Hebrew. The Boidem is published in English, but it demands no additional explanations. It's basically my other projects (again, almost solely in Hebrew) that make this site necessary, and thus, writing in Hebrew makes sense.

But if by chance someone has wandered here and can't make heads or tails of the Hebrew? This page is for them.

A short biographical page (about me) can be found within the wider expanse of the Boidem. For English readers it's more informative than the page (in Hebrew) on this site.

This site contains a page that gives some basic information on my present projects:

The Online Learning Institute at Achva College, including editing an online journal on Internet in Education.
Computers in Education - a division of the Elementary Education Department of the Ministry of Education
Training materials for in-service teacher courses on learning to use the internet (in Hebrew).
My long-running monthly column on the influence of the internet in our daily lives, from the Boidem.
A Digitized Life - a personal project that tries to figure out how to throw things away
Prenatal Communiques - a booklet from 1992, finally converted into a small site. The booklet was a collection of weekly letters that I wrote to Eitan while he was still in Tzippi's womb.
One Month - Toward the First Stage of the Withdrawal
I spent the month of January, 1985 on reserve duty service in Lebanon. During that month I collected numerous artifacts that reflected that experience. Upon returning home I arranged these items into an exhibit that was displayed in various locations in Israel.
I've wanted to convert that exhibit to a web site since I first learned a bit of HTML. Finally, 19 years after that month of reserve duty, I've succeeded in doing so.

A page on the site lists most of my past projects - basically an exercise in narcissism. Almost all of those presently accessible are all in Hebrew, however, two old web sites, recently revived for (at least) archival reasons are available:

a persona or two
  a personal site that tried to examine why someone might want to have a personal site
Mad about the Mud
  a site that grew out of a course about MUDs and MOOs and became rather personal
Numerous articles that I've written, primarily on the subject of Internet in Education (and all in Hebrew) can also be found in this site.